About The Services We Can Provide For Overseas Orders

August 30, 2023

About The Services We Can Provide For Overseas Orders

Overseas customers have always be a large part of our customer base. We have rich experience in export orders and we know every customer wants their orders to be valued, and wants to keep abreast of the production situation. There are some services we can provide.

In the early stage of production: We can add programs according to customer needs: remote control function, voice control function, etc. About changing the configuration: power interface, display screen, light source, etc. The change of specific settings needs to determine the model of the lamp.

During production: We are in active contact with customers, and provide the production schedule, demonstration videos, functional tests, manuals, etc. equired by customers at any time. For adding LOGO: We provide screen printing/offset printing on the lamp body and outer packaging, which can meet the design needs of customers for logo and packaging.


After-sales service: All equipment will be strictly tested before shipment to ensure normal operation. If there is a small probability of after-sales problems, we will definitely pay close attention to such customers who need help. We will discuss with technicians, and give customers a solution as soon as possible, provide maintenance instructions, and urgently dispatch the parts they need.

Of course, these services are based on fast communication. Many overseas guests not only contact us through our official website’s mailbox, but also use Wechat; Whatsapp; Facebok; Linkedin to keep communicating with us at any time. So if you There is a demand for stylish stage lights like Moving Heads, effect lights and architectural lighting etc, and in meantime you are focus on excellent and timely service please contact us.

Thanks for reading.