Mini Moving Head -- Small Body Powerful Function

August 29, 2023

Mini Moving Head -- Small Body Powerful Function

Nowadays, technology has developed better and better, ICONLIGHT is no exception, we have been learning and progressing. In order to adapt various events, not only high-power large moving lights, we also produce portable mini stage light which can suitable for small gatherings, family parties and other places.

The following hot-sale six items can be roughly divided into three types, and just choose favorite and suitable one for yourself.

First -- LED WASH MOVING HEAD -- M005B & M005C

Yes, similar NO, because they are same series products.

Stage small light M005B equipped with 18pcs 3W RGB leds and have a wide 60 degree beam angle which could show large area lighting;  B005C will be higher power cause it composed by 7 pcs 15W leds, max power consumption up to 110W. Besides, nice mixing color with 6in1 RGBWA+UV lamp beads.

Second -- LED GOBO SPOT MOVING HEAD -- M007 & M015

Indeed mini style M007 but not common one, Its light source comes from a 30W Osram led, Beam angle is adjustable between 8-52 degree. Flexible to change the lighting show;  M015 is 60W COB led which with 10 degree beam angle. Besides, 9+1 color wheel with 11 gobo wheel and triangular prism. Bring a professional show lighting for sure.


40W remote control zoom wash moving head M066 could shine super beam and wide beam angle for option 10-60 degree. What’s more effective it can control by IRC remote, very convenient!   Double face small type bar light M067, as its name, two side with different function, applied equipment in different occasion. One side is 1 pc 10W with beam effect, another side is 4 pcs 10W with wash effect. Nice!

Are they attracted you? Let’s see some their photos~