The Role And Effect Of Stage Lighting Par Light

August 29, 2023

The Role And Effect Of Stage Lighting Par Light

The role and effect of stage lighting par light:

In order to achieve the effect of the performance, the use of stage lighting has played a very obvious role. For example, the frequently used LED stage lighting can show rg yellow light rb purple light, and rgb white light, etc. LED has high brightness, energy saving and power saving, so LED lights are used in almost all fields. So what is the role and effect of the stage lighting par light?

1. The lighting function of LED par light

As a lighting tool of LED light source, LED par light has richer colors than traditional par light. The three-color lamp beads can mix up to 16.7 million colors, which shows that the stage The use of par lights on the top can present a colorful effect to the audience according to the needs of the actors.

2. LED Par light programming control.

Before the performance, professionals must program the LED par lights on the console. Each light must be debugged according to the preset light route, according to different colors according to the principle of three primary colors. In the actual performance, the colors are constantly changed as needed.

3. The dazzling problem of LED par light

The fill light can make the actors be seen more clearly on the stage, while the flashing lights on the stage will make it impossible for the photographer to take a clear picture of the actor’s performance, because the fill light also requires a separate special lamp, and the rgb white light is assisted by the camera to shoot The next is more clear. In order to solve the problem that the audience under the stage is dazzling due to the stage lighting par light, the designer came up with a layer of cover on the par light so that it will not appear so dazzling.

No matter what kind of stage lighting is used, the ultimate goal is for the actors to perform better, so that the audience can see the wonderful performance. Therefore, behind the scenes, which professional designers are working hard in obscurity.