Some Details To Build A Perfect Stage Light Effect Scene

August 29, 2023

Some Details To Build A Perfect Stage Light Effect Scene

Some details to build a perfect stage light effect scene:

First, the construction of a scene needs to have a clear theme, whether it is a concert; a wedding; an opening ceremony or a stage play. The planner needs to know clearly what kind of atmosphere the event needs to create. This is not only related to the nature of the scene, but also The effect design of lighting fixtures is related. All work has only one purpose, which is to immerse the people on the scene.

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The lighting effect designer must not only master the basic lighting effect control, but also have a certain understanding of art and modeling. Therefore, the first detail is to combine the content of the program. The effect designer needs to decide when to focus and when to fade. Better for you to list a priority table of all elements.

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Second, check the mutual interference of light effects in time: always be careful not to generate background shadows, light crosses cause color abnormalities, poor focusing and other man-made problems. At the same time, ensure that the position of the lamp body, the orientation angle, and the color temperature are correct and beneficial Effective.

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Another point is to understand the application process of luminous flux: most of the time, we first arrange the scene light, then the main light, and finally adjust the light of the background image. At the same time, don’t forget that all our lighting appliances must comply with the regulations of the program producer and obey the instructions of the program director and the main camera.

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The stage lighting design of the theme event is not only a work of art, but also requires technology and strict implementation plan. What angle and procedure should the moving head light be set to, when to use laser light, par light, and how to use ambient light to enhance the atmosphere. How to maximize the effect when it is not enough requires careful preparation.