The Role Of The Beam Effect In The Moving Head Light.

August 30, 2023

The Role Of The Beam Effect In The Moving Head Light.

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Nowadays, everyone's life is constantly improving, and the regulations on the stage lighting design of leisure and entertainment clubs and nightclubs are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously introduce new products. According to the information given by the stage lighting manufacturers, located in The most advanced products developed and designed are moving head lights and beam lights.


In the latest stage design, if the lighting engineer does not use moving head lights or beam lights when designing the scheme, the actual effect of the lighting effect will become more and more insufficient to adapt to the fashion trend, so what characteristics do these two kinds of lights have? ? What are the differences between them?


1. The difference in the beam of light. The most important thing in the beam light is the light beam. The bright beam is the ultimate pursuit of the beam light, and the purpose of the moving head light is to create rich patterns and color changes. The purpose of the two kinds of lamps is different, so the situation of application will change significantly.

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2. The light source is different, the application place will be different. Due to the small beam angle of the beam light, the utilization rate of special effects is higher. Even if the output power is not very high, a very bright light beam can be obtained. The direct light of the moving head light is a cone-shaped light, so the total area of the light will be larger than that of the beam light. a lot.


3. The application scenarios are different. Beam lights are widely used in violent scenes, such as the high-definition group pictures at the opening show and the best dance music, with flash frequency, to create a passionate visual impact. The most used moving head light is to show beautiful and elegant plastic arts. According to the matching of different colors and patterns, it produces colorful scenes and creates a warm atmosphere.

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4. The prices of moving head lights and beam lights are different, and the price difference is also unique. When you buy moving head lights and beam lights, you don’t have to blindly pursue perfect and cost-effective products, but according to the parameters and desired functions Only after comprehensive consideration can you find a suitable equipment for you, and in the process of selection, you must pay attention to the quality, choose a quality pass, and choose an experienced stage lighting equipment manufacturer.