Share The Coolest Stage Effects In The World! (Part Two)

August 30, 2023

Share The Coolest Stage Effects In The World! (Part Two)

1. Post Traumatic Tour

Stage light 1

Lincoln Park member Mike Shinodazai opened his first personal tour in North America called "Post Traumatic Tour". The task of lighting designer Céline Royer was to use a limited number of equipment to create a multifunctional and influential lighting design.

Stage light 2

The lighting design of the concert must be suitable for both day and night. The designer decided to design a light wall behind the singer, which has the best effect. There is no need for any screen on the stage, because the matrix light wall is combined like a video wall.

Stage light 3

Through this light wall, countless appearances can be flexibly changed according to the performance of the song, and different shapes and contours can be created through the rational use of lamps. Such a modular and combinable lighting design can bring a constantly changing stage with a simple design through different lighting combinations.

Stage light 4

2.'Beerbongs & Bentleys' World Tour

Stage light 5

American singer Post Malone's "Beerbongs & Bentleys" world tour in 2019, the minimalist stage is composed of a large LED screen and a large-scale rectangular box-shaped lighting device that can be raised and lowered.

Stage light 6

Lighting designer Ben Dalgleish wants to market a private space through lighting. Two huge LED video screens form the "eyes" of the stage in portrait mode. The separate runway in the screen echoes the box-shaped installation on the top.

Stage light 7

The box-shaped device can install the lamps together in a vertical symmetrical form, showing a straight beam. But in the installation process, you need to pay great attention to details, such as the height of the suspension, the angle of inclination, etc., will affect the stage lighting effect. In addition to the lamps, there are six hoods hidden in a box-shaped device to enhance the overall atmosphere of the stage.

Stage light 8

3. Tame Impala in Coachella

Stage light 9

The Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala gave an incredible performance at the Coachella Music Festival. Lighting designer Rob Sinclair and his technical team tried to bring a design that feels otherworldly, giving the audience an experience of traveling through space.

Stage light 10

In order to realize this interstellar vision, a lifting and rotating ring weighing 12,000 pounds appeared on the stage, hovering on the stage like a flying saucer. A variety of lamps are built into the ring, and the rotating colors and complex color gradients enhance the psychedelic mood for the stage.

Stage light 11

Stage light 12